Limited pieces of ceramics created with the intention to bring calmness and love into homes across the globe.



A collection of videos to Inspire, Connect and Share my Creative processes.



Meditative experience that teaches how to create using a grid for the design, unfold the hidden patterns in it and then color the piece together unleashing the intuitive creative energy from within.

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They say when you let yourself wonder, your own self takes you to where you actually wanted to be. Humna sessions are one of those safe places where one experiences flow. This journey from the body to the soul is enlightning and at the same time is immensely mesmerising to the soul.

Shane Zainab

 I had tapped into my creative side already when I started with her workshops. My heart found catharsis. Patterns that emerged on my sheet of paper were something I never imagined I could or would do. One thing lead to another. I knew everything was part of my story. Today I’m grateful and super proud of my resilient friend who showed me resilience through her medium of expertise. I poured my feelings on my canvas, whilst she held my hand through each step and reminded me that my Creator loved me. I found myself - the creator in me that my Creator created. 


Thank you so much for such an intense session. Your retreats are a great platform for expression of emotions, through art and conversing with you.

Najia Kapadia

She held my hand as I’ve embarked on a journey towards finding myself and has given me confidence in my passion towards everything that I feel strongly about. She’s beautiful inside out hence she sees beauty in anything and everything around her. She has a beautiful clean soul - an angel that Allah sent my way.


I attended Humna’s Mandala Art Session and not only really enjoyed it but also learnt something about myself too. It was great to have some rare me time and with the guidance of Humna it was very very coming and safe place.